Winter Menu

Cold Appetizers
Green Winter Salad 55
Lettuce hearts, mixed leaves, endives, a citrus-yuzu vinaigrette, and white almonds
Tomato Salad 55
Multicolored tomatoes, tomato gazpacho, garlic breadcrumbs, basil chips, and balsamic vinegar
Tuna Niçoise 75
Tuna confit, Salanova lettuce, soft-boiled egg, anchovies, capers, potato, and aioli capers
Fish & Cucumber 65
Tartare Served with cucumber and mint gazpacho, wasabi peas, labneh, and powdered Thassos olives
Classic Beef Carpaccio 65
Served with balsamic vinegar, mustard aioli, garlic confit, and olive oil
Israeli Beef Tartare 68
Served with bulgur, amba tahini, eggplant fillet, grated tomato, and fried hot peppers
Foie Gras Pate & Chestnut 85
Served with pears glazed in red wine, brioche and a hazelnut
Hot Appetizers
Fish Pastry Cigar 65
Served with grated tomatoes, amba labneh, and fresh leaves
Sweetbreads 78
Served with cabbage filled with risotto and bone marrow, roasted baby fennel, and a caramelized tomato and chipotle sauce
Foie Gras & Beets 105
Foie gras served with baby beets in a beet, ginger, and lemongrass gastrique, pistachio crumble, and sesame oil
Soup of the Day
Please ask your waiter
Cauliflower Risotto 68
Served with snow peas, roasted white almonds, and lemon cheese
Main Courses
Mushroom & Chestnut Gnocchi 85
Served with roasted mushrooms, porcini and truffle broth, spinach, and egg yolk confit (vegetarian)
Marinated Salmon 95
Served with pureed white sweet potato, salt-baked beets, shimeji mushrooms in a teriyaki glaze, and zucchini flowers in tempura
Grouper & Eggplant 110
Served with white eggplant cream, crispy eggplant, hot lentil salad, and black tahini
Chicken in a Wasabi Crust 95
Served with satay sauce, crispy rice cake, and a cucumber-cilantro salad
350g Entrecote 170
Served with French fries, in an herb gremolata and pepper sauce
Beef Fillet 160
Served with mashed potatoes and truffles, bone marrow, and glazed pearl onions in a bordelaise sauce 160
Lamb Ossobuco 120
Served with potato gnocchi, Jerusalem artichoke, and a lamb-tomato broth
Veal Sirloin 140
Served in a sage bordelaise sauce with a Jerusalem artichoke rotolo
Chef’s Special
- 50NIS per 100g
Aged Prime Entrecote Rib on the Bone (600-1200g) Served with green salad, French fries, mashed potato and truffles, and bordelaise sauce