18 ₪
Served with mixed olives and skhug aioli
18 ₪
Served with matbukha and Har Bracha tahini

Cold Appetizers

Winter Leaf Salad
56 ₪
With beets and roasted almonds in a citrus-cilantro vinaigrette
Legume Salad
60 ₪
With artichoke and a soft-boiled egg, drizzled with a dill-cilantro vinaigrette, and garnished with crunchy falafel pieces
"East Meets West" Chicken Salad
64 ₪
With satay sauce, fried rice noodles, and black sesame seeds
Classic Beef Carpaccio
68 ₪
Served with garlic confit, mustard aioli, balsamic vinegar, and arugula
Grouper, Cucumber, & Mint Tartare
74 ₪
Served with yuzu puree, and Thassos olive powder
Tuna Tartare Brik
72 ₪
Served with black eggplant, egg, harissa aioli, and Persian lemon
Goose Liver Pâté
93 ₪
Served with Amarena cherries, endive, and toasted brioche

Hot Appetizers

Mushroom & Chestnut Risotto
68 ₪
Served with porcini mushroom puree and basil oil
Red Tuna Pizza
76 ₪
Topped with charred tomatoes, za'atar, fried eggplant, tahini powder, and soft-boiled egg
Stuffed Cabbage
67 ₪
Stuffed with lamb risotto and plumbs, fried eggplant, and hot chicken broth
Sea Fish Katayef
70 ₪
Pastry served with green skhug and stewed chard with hummus
Sweetbread Msabbaha
85 ₪
Served with a shipka pepper vinaigrette, ratte potato chips, and tahini powder
Goose Liver
110 ₪
Served with knafeh, popcorn ice cream, beef broth, and dark chocolate


115 ₪
Served off the bone, with Jerusalem artichoke, fresh lasagna sheets, caramelized tomato with cilantro, and egg yolk confit
120 ₪
Served with sweet potato in an orange-harissa teriyaki glaze, peanuts, and sesame oil powder
158 ₪
Served with crispy eggplant, lentils, charred tomato salsa, eggplant puree, and black tahini
Chicken Breast
118 ₪
Served with freekeh-stuffed onion, chicken broth, and ras el hanout spice mix
300g Sirloin
125 ₪
Served with bone marrow and cabbage in port wine sauce
Beef Fillet
180 ₪
Served with mashed potatoes, truffles, bone marrow, shallots, and a red wine sauce
Lamb Chops
205 ₪
Served with onion puree, potato sofrito, and beef broth

On the Side

Bone Marrow
35 ₪
Foie Gras (60g)
50 ₪

The Chef's Special

600-1200g Entrecote on the Bone (by weight)
55 ₪
NIS 55 per 100 grams