Pistachios Limoncello
58 ₪
Crunch pistachio and white chocolate, lemon cream, pistachio ice cream, meringue and lemon powder
Choco west
60 ₪
Chocolate fudge cubes, cremo Valrhona, praline crunch, velvety chocolate mousse and caramel ice cream
After the Rain
64 ₪
Dough ring coated cacao and almonds, cherries sorbet, vanilla with "amarena" ice cream, chocolate mousse, caviar coconut, brownies and chocolate cream
Egg By Anat
64 ₪
White chocolate egg, coconut ganache, financier almonds, a tropic confiture of mango and passion fruit
Pink Side
62 ₪
Strawberry sorbet, red bamba crunch, white chocolate curd and strawberries
Orange is the New black
60 ₪
Fondant "Mengeri" chocolate sauce - hot whiskey, orange chocolate sorbet, cocoa beans with surprises